Aww...apology not accepted.

Redditor pog_mo_hon_reddit found this sign on a streetlamp in Dublin. In an emergency, sometimes all you can do is bip the horn in a rude way. But if you're like this driver, you might feel so much remorse afterwards that you actually take the time to hang up an apology sign somewhere you think the offended pedestrian might see it.

I might have to hang up a sign like that on the 2 train apologizing to the person I somewhat firmly asked to let people off the train this morning. "To the woman standing like a moron in front of the open doors Tuesday morning with a sparkly purse, I'm the girl who said 'You might need to get off the train so people can get out.' That was curt of me, but I didn't want to miss my stop. I'll probably never see you again, thank God, but I wanted to say that I'm sorry you needed someone to explain the basic rules of subway etiquette to you." Or something. Let's call that a first draft.

Sources: redditor pog_mo_hon_reddit