If you dump it on the edge of town, they will come.

When it comes to sleeping, there comes a point at which a mattress becomes worn out and worthless. As a surface for people to fuck on, however, it is eternal. The Fuck Mattress is an American icon, supporting for generations the backsides of kids and shiftless adults who have been drinking in the woods long enough not to care that they're having sex on an abandoned mattress.

That's why artist Bryan Lewis Saunders, photographer Todd Burris, and space and dinosaur artist Joey Tucciarone (seriously) teamed up for the most sublime art installation of 2013, "Extreme Makeover: Fuck Mattress Edition." The whole project encompasses 21 photos documenting the Fuck Mattress' progress (the photo at top is the "before" photo) to romantic woodside getaway. As you can see, there was little doubt from the surrounding foliage as to whether or not this was a Fuck Mattress:

Sources: Bryan Lewis Saunders | redditor jemimasurrender