Everyone agrees this is crazy, but one woman will prove us all wrong by rowing from Japan to California.

Sonya Baumstein wants to become the first woman to row the length of the Pacific Ocean by herself. As if that weren't enough to make you feel like a worried mother telling her reckless kid to please choose another hobby, she's doing so at the height of typhoon season. I can't tell if I'm seasick from thinking of being on a tiny boat in the ocean or if I'm so viscerally frightened for her wellbeing that it's making me sick.

The 30-year-old adventurer thinks it will take four to six months to make the journey from Tokyo to San Fransisco. That's how uncharted this trip is: she can only guess the time it will take within a two-month window. If I were even going across an ocean by plane, I'd want to know if we were going to be even a half hour late.

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