New York City now has a service to provide "touch-deprived" adults with platonic cuddle sessions.

This is either their ad, or the poster for a horror movie. (via The Ideal Cuddle)

New York City is a stressful place to live. Sometimes, after a long day of work, commuting, and strangers trying to cuddle you in public, you want to pay someone to cuddle you in private. That's the thinking behind The Ideal Cuddle, a new company started by lovers/cuddlers/entrepreneurs Noelia Bonilla and Charlie Amadiz.

For the right price, you could be in the middle of this picture. (via The Ideal Cuddle)

Bonilla and Amadiz are opening their home and their bed up to paying customers, offering to cuddle anyone who makes an appointment. A 45-minute session goes for $60, 60 minutes for $70, or 90 minutes for $100. You can cuddle with either of them regardless of your gender. For twice the money, you can cuddle with them both (so far, no takers). However, the cuddling is never allowed to become sexual. In fact, you're always on camera for exactly that purpose. They could probably make more money by selling that tape afterwards, but I don't want to tell them how to run their business. Also, that would probably be sexual. Bonilla had this to say about their mission:

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