You diss JLaw, you lose your right to diacritical marks. [Chest pound]

Chloe lost her copy of the JLaw Commentary Playbook. (Getty)

Chloe Sevigny, actress and former model, is totally over Jennifer Lawrence, America's sweetheart.

In an interview with V Magazine, Sevigny said she thinks Lawrence is "annoying" and "too crass." You know what's crass, Sevigny? The name "Chloe" without a motherf**king umlaut over the "e." Who's your "it girl" now?

That's right, as punishment for your unprompted and completely unnecessary criticism of our national treasure Jennifer Lawrence, this publication will no longer be bothering to spell your name correctly.

Why should we go to the trouble of inserting a symbol when you couldn't go to the trouble of appreciating our belching, tripping beloved?

When the V Magazine interviewer mentioned that "nowadays, you can't be an actor without having a big personality to match," Chloe—umlautless—replied:

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