As smart and adorable as her babysitter is horrible and racist. (Via

There are bad babysitters, and then there are babysitters who stage a home invasion of your house and try to blame it on the black guy next door. Luckily, that latter babysitter is no match for a smart four-year-old with eyes.


Last Wednesday, 4-year-old Abby was in her Ferndale, WA home with her 17-year-old babysitter when a couple of white dudes broke in and started stealing stuff, including Abby's Xbox and her Wii (yup, 4-year-olds are going multi-console now). To reiterate, though, they were robbed by a couple white dudes. Abby saw them.

When police arrived later, the babysitter told them that the home invaders were black, one of whom happened to look just like the next-door neighbor. That sent the cops next door with guns drawn to investigate.

Abby called bullshit.

"It wasn't the right skin color," she told police. Unfortunately, they didn't get the message before handcuffing neighbor Cody Oaks and questioning him for several hours. 

Once Abby blew holes in the story, the babysitter quickly confessed that she'd orchestrated the whole thing with her 16-year-old boyfriend, one of the invaders.

"She's not a good babysitter." Abby has a gift for understatement.

The babysitter will likely have trouble getting a good reference for future employment. Though if Abby didn't recognize her boyfriend straight away, she at least wasn't bringing him over for make-out sessions. If you prefer robbery to teenagers boning on your couch, this sitter is probably available (pending bail).

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