If I, wanna take apart, a giant hive of bees, it's none of your beeswax! (Via ABC)

An estimated 400,000 bees nested in a camper that sat abandoned in the back of a tow yard in Summerville S.C.. Only one man was right for the challenge of getting rid of them.

Eric "Critter" McCool has run his own extermination company for 20 years, and he named himself Critter. Unless there's an exterminator named Gunner VonBatFang, Mr. McCool pretty much has the bug removal business on lock.

Critter was the one who recognized the significance of the hive, and he told ABC News 4 that it was possibly the largest hive of yellow jacket bees ever extracted in America. 

Sources: ABC News 4 | h/t Uproxx