Wanted dumbass taunts cops on Facebook, is immediately arrested, cries in mugshot.

Wanted dumbass taunts cops on Facebook, is immediately arrested, cries in mugshot.

Is that egg on your face, or just tears?


Admit it, you are "trippin" a little bit. (via Butler County Sheriff's Office)

On Monday, The Butler County Sheriff's department in Ohio posted a "wanted" notice on their Facebook page for 21-year-old Andrew Dale Marcum. They described his criminal "highlights" as committing burglary, assault, and "dabbling in abduction."

He also dabbles in not making any sense. In an effort to taunt the police, Marcum logged on to Facebook, and left this comment on the post:


"I ain't tripping half of them don't even know me."
(via Butler County Sheriff's Office)

No one knows what he meant by that, probably because they don't even know him.

The Sheriff's Office responded to the comment, "Andrew Marcum - if you could stop by the Sheriff's Office, that'd be great."

The next day, Butler Sheriff Richard K. Jones took to Twitter to keep the dialogue going.


The back and forth between them went viral, and according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, caused a bunch of tipsters to rat Marcum out, which "helped lead police to him less than 24 hours later."

Once caught, Sheriff Jones then posted this mugshot to Twitter and Facebook.


And then taunted him with this message:

While most people found this to be a hilarious victory for law enforcement, others pointed out that the crying image is old (he's committed a bunch of crimes, so I'm sure he has a nice file of them to choose from), and that his most recent mugshot is this:



Welp... (via Dana Garrett)

His expression in this is almost equally hilarious, as if to suggest he is thinking, "I probably shouldn't have taunted the cops on Facebook, but at least they didn't catch me crying this time."