The amazing thing is it was actually a drone doing the typing.

It says something that this transcript of a chat conversation between redditor mktg10 (using the alias Dwight Schrute) and an Amazon rep has delighted so many people on the Internet. Should it really be so shocking that someone whose job it is to communicate with customers is actually good enough at it to have a non-horrible one-minute conversation?

Yes, obviously. Most of the time conversations with customer service chat bots are even more impersonal and useless than conversations with customer service phone bots (a.k.a. people talking on the phone). This Amazon employee seems to have a good sense of humor, not be terrified of losing their job, and is actually helpful and polite at the same time. Could this signal a new dawn of customer relations where having to ask a simple question doesn't fill us customers with anxiety and dread?

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