A very stoned man wrote Chipotle a very angry letter, and received the best customer service reply ever.

A very stoned man wrote Chipotle a very angry letter, and received the best customer service reply ever.

Bongs and Recreation


This makes me feel like I both don't eat enough burritos or chat up enough service reps.
(original photo via Madison Rosenbaum)

A week ago, a redditor by the name of StumpNuts got stoned and watched Parks and Recreation. By itself, that is a remarkably unremarkable story. Even more unremarkably, StumpNuts fell asleep during the episode. When he (forgive my gendered assumptions, but I have a hunch that StumpNuts is a dude) woke up, he was outraged to see this commercial announcing a partnership between Chipotle and Exxon:

As you've probably noticed, the YouTube clip is clearly labeled so you know it's from Parks and Recreation. Since StumpNuts was a.) blazed out of his gourd and b.) watching old-fashioned television, he did not grasp this distinction. Despite his hazy state, however, StumpNuts still believed in the power of consumer outrage. Said Mr. Nuts, "For some stupid reason I was pissed. Hell, Chipotle just took an item off the menu because of the way they were treating animals, how could they possibly justify teaming up with a company who is destroying the planet?!" So, he wrote an angry letter to Chipotle:



Pretty good writer for someone too high to understand the TV.

Much like their animal-rights practices, StumpNuts is a huge fan of Chipotle's customer outreach team, whom he has apparently interacted with before. "I wrote them once about my meal before and they wrote back within an hour, great people," raved Stump, "Again they wrote back in about an hour, it hurt so bad to read..." Indeed, it hurt so bad The Daily Dot requested StumpNuts provide screenshots as proof. Painful, painful proof (cobbled together into one image):


I'm sure this email was forwarded to every single person in Chipotle's head office.
(via The Daily Dot via StumpNuts)


You can read that article here, but of course we already know it's a commercial. The chastened Mr. Nuts, when faced with his error, had to choice but to respond to his beloved Chipotle customer service representative, identified only as A, hat in hand to apologize:


Notice they don't tell him to stop smoking weed. Chipotle would go bankrupt.

If any professors at Harvard Business School are reading this, I think you have your next case study on how a brand can improve relations with their key demographics...like stoners. If any stoners are reading this...I'll bet they're really hungry by now.