Someone lock this person in a room and make them come up with 10 more ideas, stat.

"the pasta was great as was the service, however I expected the "endless" pasta to be fed to me in the form of one long noodle which lead from the kitchen. Possible next time? Thanks!"

Redditor Gashlycrumb_'s boyfriend or girlfriend (some sort of significant other, according to Gashlycrumb_) had some very fine advice for the people at the Italian chain restaurant Olive Garden. I, for one, would like to see this implemented, if only for the hope and promise of a future with unlimited possibilities it would bring to the American people, like the Apollo program did in the 1960s. Sure, some online are suspicious that this might be some sort of viral marketing scheme by the oft-mocked OG, but even in the (I think) unlikely event that it is, I don't care. I would like to call that bluff.

Sources: redditor Gashlycrumb_