Left: Professor Edelman, Harvard Business School
Right: Ran Duan, "America's Most Imaginative Bartender" / Sichuan Garden manager.
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Normally, when a customer and a business get in a fight about overcharging, we're 110% on the side of the customer (if it's a fight over tipping, however, we're usually at least 20% over the bill including tax on the side of the server). In the case of Harvard Business School professor Ben Edelman, however, there may be such a thing as overkill in the pursuit of economic justice. Edelman recently ordered food online from local Boston-area eatery Sichuan Garden. Unfortunately, since Sichuan Garden had failed to update its website to reflect new prices, Edelman placed an order for $53.35 worth of food, but was charged $4 more than that. Charging different prices than are listed is a major no-no, and Edelman was totally right to get pissed, demand they fix it, and ask for a refund. Or, as it turns out, demand a penalty fixed at three times the overcharge:

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