Michel Gondry directed The Chemical Brothers video "Go," starring only 7 women and 2 poles, and the result is mesmerizing.

It's synchronized swimming on land! It's the Rockettes in space! It's robot-feminist pole-dancing! This video looks like it takes place in the future, the past, and another dimension, and that's because it's a visual realization of director Michel Gondry's strange, beautiful subconscious.

The subtle, pole-infused dance moves paired with the song's catchy beats are the perfect answer to both twerking and the inescapability of EDM. The video's originality will surely inspire knock-offs and parody videos, both of which I'd love to watch.

The Chemical Brothers' new album 'Born In The Echoes' is set to be released July 17th, and if the rest of the album is like 'Go' it's gonna be great. Also I am getting myself this exact outfit.