by Dan Abromowitz

This year, everyone's favorite celtic and semitic bashes fall on the same weekend, with St. Patrick's Day just one headachey day after the Jewish festival of Purim. Good thing they go together like sour cream and brown sauce! Here are a few mindsparkers for fun, family-friendly ways to celebrate old St. Purim:

1. Every year, Irish and non-Irish alike delight in the reading of the Book of St. Patrick, or Megillah, recounting the deliverance of the Irish people from the wicked Persian vizier Haman by the grace of Adonai (and a little bit of the ol' four-leaf luck!). For a fun twist on the classic St. Patrick's Day spiel, let kids take turns reading about good queen Esther's adventures on the Emerald Isle, and have adults act it out, goofs and all. Don't forget the graggers!