Our bodies annually produce 60 gallons of sweat, and it's safe to assume that a lot of that's coming out of the summer months, but what do we have to show for it come September? Instead of letting it drip away, put your sweat to use! Here's how:

  • Dogs don't sweat, but maybe they'd like to? Dump your sweat on your dog and see if he takes it in stride.
  • Keep a little vial in your pocket for when you just can't seem to muster tears at a particularly inept funeral.
  • Slop it into your stews and gravies for a double-barreled blast of umami. Your guests will never guess the "secret ingredient," and you'll never tell!
  • Bottle it with aromatics and market your own musk. Introducing Me, by You! You should put your own name in there, though, or people might think it's them.