They're done pillaging your childhood and are moving onto to your adolescence.

My face, about this news. (via Stylelite)

Sony has hired Leigh Janiak to write and direct a re-make of the movie that had you dabbling in witchery through sophomore year, The Craft. She seems to be taking her responsibilities seriously:

That's right, this news is bigger than Amtrak AND Prince Harry, apparently. (via Leigh Janiak)

It's not Janiak's fault that the entertainment world is a demented snake eating its own tail. Let's not hate on her; in fact, it's thrilling that a woman is both writing and directing this unnecessary re-make of a cult classic. If you're old enough to have been influenced by this movie, you're old enough to know that life does re-makes of us all. So, instead of being mad/sad like some people...:

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