#Damn, #indeed!

Love can survive on a death bed for years, both parties knowing it's beyond saving, but keeping it alive for whatever reasons they've convinced themselves are important. It's rare that you can pinpoint the moment when a love exhales its last breath, but this couple appears to have captured that very moment in the Vine video below, right about when the Vine-ing boyfriend gasps in shock at the sharp blow of his girlfriend's hand to the back of his head.

(Click the unmute button in the top-left. Click the image again if it's not playing.)

The Vine-ing beau—who goes by Khoaliti, but for the sake of this post we can call him Viney McVinerson—orignally posted the video on Reddit and it quickly blew up. He came back to the post to give the following backstory:

"Holy shit! posted this here right before work and 8 hours later its on the front page! lol. long story short, this was like a 3 month relationship and as you can see I didn't take any of the her bs too serious... problems this early on? no thanks I was out! haha."

There you have it. There's love's eulogy. Ladies, if you don't mind having six seconds of yourself at your most irate going viral, he's single now. Perhaps Mrs. McVinerson has a nice ring to it?


(by Bob Powers)

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