In what is by far the cutest story about somebody dying that we've heard this week, Norman Hendrickson, 94, died the week after his wife of 66 years—when he suddenly stopped breathing in the limousine on the way to her wake. When he arrived at the funeral home, his body was placed in a coffin beside his wife's ashes. Daughter Merrilyne Hendrickson decided to lighten the mood a little for the guests who soon began to arrive with a sign that said "Surprise - it's a Double-Header - Norman and Gwen Hendrickson - February 16, 2013." (Sidenote: this is really only something you can get away with if the departed are in their 90s.) Family friend and funeral home director Elizabeth Nichols-Ross commented: “If it had happened with somebody else like this it would have been sad, but with Norm it wasn’t. It was just so much like Norm.” Yeah, dropping dead without warning is so Norm.

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