This couple got pulled over on their first date. Two years later, that gave him an idea.

This couple got pulled over on their first date. Two years later, that gave him an idea.

On the second anniversary of their first date, a couple was pulled over again for a much better reason.

After watching a bunch of marriage proposals that went horribly wrong, it's nice to see one that went so right. Especially when it had the potential to crash and burn.

This man, identified only as Mr. Ross, was on a first date two years ago when the cops pulled him over. Despite the embarrassment, a romance blossomed. Two years later, Mr. Ross had an idea. The second anniversary of that date was approaching, so he enlisted two Royal Oak police officers to help him with a proposal for the ages.

On the actual anniversary, the cops pulled the couple over yet again, and made them both get out. With surprising commitment, the police claimed that Ross was in possession of contraband and made him step out of the vehicle to frisk him. Instead of contraband, they found a ring. Ross proposed on the spot.

Of course the whole thing was planned. As soon as she saw the ring box, the future Mrs. Ross knew what was up. She turned to her boyfriend and said the words every man longs to hear: "You are such a dick." Then she started crying and said yes, but the dick thing is what they'll remember.

This is a very sweet and romantic moment, but as I said before, there are a lot of ways it could have gone wrong. I'll list just a few:

1. The cops pull over the wrong car and get into a shootout.
2. He forgets the ring and they have to actually arrest him for something to save face.
3. The cops get too zealous frisking him and go for the full cavity search.
4. He actually was carrying drugs and goes to jail.
5. She was carrying drugs and runs off.
6. Everyone gets pepper sprayed.
7. The taxpayers get mad their money was spent on this.
8. She says no.


But none of those things happened! So it's all good.