"Venti trenta solo doppio. I cast thee out!"

There are certain annoyances that we expect when we decide to patronize our local Starbucks. There's gonna be Mom-friendly folk-rock music. That's unavoidable. There will probably be two or three guys arguing about the second-act particulars of the terrible screenplay that they're never going to finish. Eighty-five percent probability. A 22-year-old old woman will be having a loud cell phone conversation with her friend about something impossibly inscrutable. Ninety-seven percent probability.

One thing you don't expect though is to see a group of young men forcing a demonic being to exit the corporeal shell of their friend by repeatedly informing the evil spirit that it has "no legal ground to be in here." But that exactly what reddit user Umgar walked into the other day:

Sources: redditor Umgar | h/t My San Antonio | h/t Huffington Post