Must... replace family. Teeth insufficient. Now she'll react to gifts with the correct smile.

They have the highest rate of suicide of any profession. They spend all day inside people's stinky, ill-kept orifices. People react to them with fear and revulsion. No wonder they turn out to have creepy calendars with the people replaced by the well-behaved Patient Simulators who don't yammer about their jobs and have nice, well-flossed Standard Typodont teeth. Not like real people, who never floss. No matter how many times you ask them, they JUST. DON'T. FLOSS. Ugh. Dentists are also, as a profession, one of the most generous supporters of local theater in America. Know what one of (if not the) most produced plays in regional theater is every year? The Nutcracker. As in the play where the big wooden guys with giant chomping white teeth come to life. Yeah.

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