Headache? Sorry, this guy just smashed your aspirin into little bits.

Unless you're a surgeon, in Cirque du Soleil, or do surgery in Cirque du Soleil,* I feel pretty comfortable saying that Alabama archer Byron Ferguson is more impressive than you. In this video from YouTube's popular Smarter Every Day, host Destin shares shows how Ferguson, a hunter and trick sharpshooter, can hit teeny tiny targets with his bow and arrow. How teeny? Aspirin tablet teeny. The only thing possibly more impressive than that would be shooting a children's aspirin tablet.

The video above is cued to show you the aspirin shot, but it's worth it to watch the entire thing — Destin does a good job at breaking down the physics behind Ferguson's shooting, so you can both watch something cool and sound like a smarty pants when describing the video to your friends.

Sources: Smarter Every Day | h/t Nerdist