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Man asks if he's wrong to not 'support' girlfriend's drastic weight loss journey.

Man asks if he's wrong to not 'support' girlfriend's drastic weight loss journey.


When you're dating someone, you tend to notice their eating habits or dieting patterns, especially if they're a bit...out of control. But is it ever your place to judge your significant other's journey with their own body? Weight loss is such sensitive topic and so specific to each individual, so in general, you ought to be 100 % supportive. But what if their diet is affecting your relationship in a negative way? What do you do then?

When this boyfriend felt like his girlfriend started to project her weight loss journey onto HIS diet and exercise routine, he asked the popular Reddit forum:

AITA for not "supportive" of my gf's weight loss journey? -mygftoldmetolosekg

OP is the boyfriend.

My (28M) GF (28F) has been steadily gaining weight to the point of obesity. Her doctor told her to lose weight because she would occasionally feel light headed.

Ok, I'm ALREADY on the fence about this guy because he seems a little insensitive. But then the following exchange with his GF got me thinking...

Yesterday we were meeting for our date. She was late so I grabbed an ice cream. I was hungry because I went to the gym. She saw me eating the ice cream. My workout was rather heavy that day so I order rice with chicken and vegetables upsize (25% more) while she ordered salad. She told the waiter this:

GF : I don't think he is having the meal upsize. Change it to normal.

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