Child of the grift. (via Facebook)

Constructing elaborate hoaxes to win the Internet's sympathy and score a huge financial windfall in the process? That's so 2013. But apparently the family of little Victoria Wilcher is pretty retro, because their story of young Victoria being kicked out of a KFC because her scarred face was scaring customers was reportedly a total hoax.

Having made it all the way to June without a huge, entire-Internet-duping hoax to exacerbate our already crippling trust issues (Kimmel "pranks" excluded) it seemed like maybe the liars had given up. Or maybe this year's Diane in 7A attempts just never got the traction their perpetrators were gunning for. With Victoria Wilcher, it looks like we have our first big lie of the year, and it unfortunately centers around a little girl with some legitimate medical issues.

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