She's been blonde, and now, GASP, she's a redhead!

Spicy. (via Getty)

Amy Poehler isn't really Leslie Knope. She also isn't really a blonde. Or a redhead. We don't know who Amy Poehler really is, besides a master of disguise. Also, very hilarious. Even though we've covered a number of recent hair changes, from Jared Leto to Kim Kardashian, this is the first one to really shake me. If Amy Poehler isn't blonde, Parks and Recreation is really over...

Unless this is for a spin-off about Knope's long lost redheaded twin. Yeah, she could be the head of an ad agency, or better yet, a woman who starts out as a secretary and eventually moves up to partial control of the business as a kind of metaphor for societal changes across America's evolving landscape. Hello, Hollywood? Have I got a pitch for you!

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