God has a plan, so don't screw it up by trying to do the right thing.

Too subtle, Lord. Too subtle.

His plan for Janelle and Matthew Jones of Rochester, New Hampshire, was to surprise them with $2,631 He knew they could use.

He thought about different ways to do it—a surprise inheritance, a locked box in their attic, a tax refund—and settled on a method that He thought was both fun and unique. Janelle would order a sweet tea and Jr. Spicy Chicken Sandwich at the Burger King on North Main Street.

But when she opened the bag, she'd find $2,631 instead of her food.

Everything went fine this past Friday until Janelle and her husband got to talking and—completely misunderstanding God's plan—decided to return to the money to Burger King. Matthew Jones told Foster's Daily Democrat that he and his wife, both Jehovah's Witnesses, believe "Jehovah sees everything."

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