A dead woman left a will requiring that her dog be killed and buried with her.

A dead woman left a will requiring that her dog be killed and buried with her.


You can take it with you.

Some dead lady in Cincinnati, Ohio requested in her will that her surviving German Shepard be killed and then cremated so that they could be buried together.

It's a good thing she didn't have any children.

According to KATU, those responsible for executing the woman's will happen to also be responsible for executing her dog. Much like a Pharaoh in ancient Egypt, this woman will not be making her journey to the afterlife alone. As such, Bella, the dog, is doomed to float down the river Styx. Instead of, you know, chasing sticks. I'm surprised this woman didn't stipulate that a pyramid be erected around her mummified corpse.

Technically, this is her right, because even though dogs are thinking and feeling animals who provide emotional satisfaction, they are still technically property. Of course, dogs do have some rights, like an owner can't abuse abuse their pets. But now that the Pharoah has passed, none shall stay behind.

The striking irony, of course, is that if the woman loved this dog so much that she wanted to spend eternity with her, why would she want her to be killed?

In fairness, we kill dogs in shelters all the time, but... come on! At least give Bella a chance to be adopted. The Pharaoh didn't have any slaves who could take of her until she died naturally? When was this will drafted? Bella is nine now, but had Queen Tut died earlier, would she have taken a puppy to the grave?


According to Google, the average life span of a German Shepard is 11 years.


Even the stock photo dog looks sad. (Via Google)

That's two years this Priestess wanted to steal from her beloved pet so that they can be dust together.

Since this story became public, people have come forward offering to adopt Bella, but Bella was scheduled to be put down Tuesday morning as the woman's lawyer believed he was legally required to follow her wishes.

Fortunately, KATU reported that a different lawyer came forward with information that "the dog could be sent to a shelter in Utah, if enough money is raised."


With any luck, the woman will be buried with a picture of her dog playing in the Arches Natural Park.

And let this be a lesson to everyone out there who wants to be buried with their pets: make sure to kill them before you die.