Always remember. Quickly forget.

Who could forget the moment they learned that MIley Cyrus' dog, a husky named Floyd, passed away? It seems like it was only yesterday.


But for me it was actually earlier today, when Miley posted a video on her Instagram account of a gigantic friendship-beaded bong constructed in loving memory of her dead pet. According to the description, the blinking, fake plant and toy covered monstrosity is "a collab with my fucking beyond kiewl fanz."

Let's assume that in Miley's world, the word "kiewl" means "stoned," and the word "fanz" means "9-year-olds at a very liberal summer camp."

This is what commenters have to say about the memorial art that is decorated with inspirational words like "Floyd" and "Weed" and takes 15 seconds of video to see completely:


But don't take their word for it. See for yourself!