I cannot think of a better way to welcome the weekend than to watch John Legend singing to dogs for charity.

This is a video of John Legend singing to hilarious dogs dressed in wedding outfits. If you need to know more than that in order to press play on the video, we should probably never be friends.

The video is a promotion for Legend's charity, the Show Me Campaign, which "works to break the cycle of poverty by supporting programs that help to provide every child with a quality education." All the proceeds from this dog wedding campaign go to rebuilding the South High School auditorium in Springfield, OH, to help turn it into a community education center. Even if you can't donate at the level that will get you a private John Legend concert for your dog wedding (or cat wedding, or whatever other event you want him to play at), you can still support the cause at a lower level (and get some sweet dog wedding swag) by donating on the Omaze site.

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