Til death, or under 10,000 likes, do us part.

So, this is how we're doing marriage now. 

Ivan Lewis wants his wife back. Thanks to his cheating ways, he and Sonya Gore have been separated for two years, and that's enough for him. Ivan's trying to prove that he's changed his ways and is ready to live up to his commitment, and in some way or another, getting 10,000 people to click a button on their computer screens is all the proof Sonya needs.

Public shaming as penance for sleeping around has grown way more popular thanks to the Internet. Once upon a time, a cuckolded spouse would throw a bunch of personal items and clothing out on the lawn and everyone on the block would look out their windows and think, "Looks like someone got caught with some side-ass." Now, a betrayed spouse can get revenge on a cheater by making the whole world point and laugh at their horndog ways. It's just one of the many ways the Internet is bringing us all closer together while making all our interactions feel cheapened and kind of gross.

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