As someone who coined the term "alternative facts" to describe the Trump administration's incorrect claims about the crowd size at the inauguration, you'd think Kellyanne Conway would take great pride in her bullshitting ability. After all, this is a woman who knows how to spin a story and can single-handedly bring 1984 back to bestseller lists with her artful re-naming of blatant lies. Check out the proud moment below to see her in her element:


Now THAT is some great bullshitting.

But when Mike Jerrick, co-host of the Fox 29 morning show "Good Day Philadelphia," dared to point out that Kellyanne Conway is "good at bullshit" during a live interview, things didn't end well for him. You can see the moment at 1:23 below, although the whole video is worth watching to see Mike get more and more exasperated with the current political dialogue..

Jerrick quickly apologized for his slip-up, clarifying that he meant to say "BS" instead of "bullshit." Are you living for this savagery?

Unfortunately the network heads weren't wild about Jerrick swearing on air and suspended him for an undisclosed amount of time. A source close to the show says the suspension wasn't politically motivated, but due to the curse word Mike uttered on air, saying, "You can’t be vulgar on TV.”

But isn't a bad word just an alternative good word, though?

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