One way to avoid a paternity test is to send your doppelganger, and that's what Thomas Kenny did.

Ugh, that face. (via The Birmingham Mail)

Thomas Kenny is 25-years-old and he clearly thinks he knows everything. In 2012 he was already the father of 2 children with his current girlfriend, when he met another lady who struck his fancy. He decided to spend some time with her, while carrying on with his other family on the weekends, I guess? She got pregnant, duh.

How does this dude find the time for the gym? (via Facebook)

According to The Birmingham Mail, he then pressured his new lady to get an abortion. Classy! She refused and Kenny realized he was looking down the barrel of a child support gun. Blam blam, buddy, you're gonna pay.

Sources: Birmingham Mail | h/t BuzzFeed