Blanket forts. Gluten allergies. Is it possible to bully a Craigslist ad?

There's something about adults gleefully behaving like little kids that creeps us out, even more so than the run-of-the-mill Craigslist ads posted by amputees seeking furries to pee on their prosthetics (No Gay Stuff!). We're all for whimsy but— Actually, no. We're 100% against whimsy. We find whimsy unsettling, and we feel if a man and a woman manage to lure another man and woman to join them under some blankets, it should be for behavior for more erotic and at-risk than watching Netflix and eating gluten-free pizza (just order a pizza, dorks!). There's a wondrous, tawdry adult life waiting for you on the other side of those blankets. Stop regressing and live it.

Sources: Redditor TacoDelLucifer