Tip: If you realize you were just an a-hole and groped someone, tip apologetically well.

When they write the history of public shamings, this may be remembered as the crowning achievement in the artform.

Attended Hold-her-ass Prep. *high five*

The Internet has done many things, but one of its many benefits is how many more options it provides to relatively powerless service workers who are treated horribly by entitled customers. And there's nowhere in the country with more entitled customers than New York City and its burgeoning population of hedge fund sociopaths. Laura Ramadi tends bar at Lucky Strike in SoHo to support her acting career, and it must have taken a lot of acting to be civil to Brian Lederman of Swiss Performance Management after he immediately grabbed her ass and ordered her "to go." When the sullen finance bro left her a crappy tip after this display, it was the straw that "broke this tied-ass camel's back," leading to the amazing public shaming you see below.