This is like a page from "Where's Douchey Waldo?"

If you have several thousand people at a University of Arizona Wildcats game, it would take a heroic effort to be the douchiest one there. Yet, this man did it. This man bravely sucked so hard that no one else could touch his claim to being the worst. This man popped everyone's beach ball. He didn't just pop it, he ripped it to shreds.

Really, it is the pride on his face (and on the face of his equally awful-seeming female companion) that sets him over the top. It's not like he's been hit in the head 10 times by the ball and is really angry. He jumped up in a special attempt just to ruin everyone's afternoon. In front of a kid who now knows that even if a whole lot of people cooperate to create a brief moment of collaborative fun, a guy like this will always show up and blow it.

Sources: Digg