How do you not have the same success, OptimusPrim3, with your sweet Ibex-based motto?

I have learned several things this morning while investigating the curious case of a weird-looking kid who has Facebook photos with lots of pretty girls. Is he just cool? Is he a gay best friend? Is he rich? Is he trolling? Who cares? Bodybuilders, that's who, and the ones on's "Misc" forum freaked the f**k out. (Update 8/22: they also freaked out about this post) There are currently 30+ pages of people losing their sh*t over this. It all started with this post from OptimusPrim3 (broken up because bodybuilders like to leave a page of blank space in between each picture):


I would really like to see okay.jpg.

If you're going to spell it "fuq" in the first sentence, please be consistent.

How is the big problem here not that he has a straight-edge X on his hand?

It's all about the Cyrillic-letter t-shirts. Girls love Cyrllic-letter t-shirts.

Ok, I admit the fact that he's drinking whatever he's drinking is slightly annoying.

They. Both. Smile. The Same. In. Every. Picture.

Bodybuilders can lift many times their weight, but their entire world collapses under the idea that they don't need four feet of deltoids and seven hernia operations (and a bucketload of homophobia and sexism) to get women:

It's OK, Lenny. Just come over here and sit on this hilltop and pet your mouse.
(EDIT: It's Lpenny. As in, "I have no jokes to make about the word Lpenny)