Finally, a stupid story to laugh at!

That could be lots of a cornucopia...or a...horn. (via The Guardian)

That trumpet looking thing is an art piece by a man named Anish Kapoor. It's currently installed in France's Palace of Versailles. The official title of the piece is "Dirty Corner," but it's nickname from the artist has been "the queen's vagina." He's backpedaling on that, as there's been a bit of an uproar. Which is frankly surprising! If there's a country I'd think would be cool with having a massive sculpture of a queen's vagina on public property, it'd be France. Fickle Parisians.

In the grand tradition of objecting to art, the work has been anonymously vandalized. Here it is sprayed with some sort of white and yellow stuff:

Sources: The Guardian | h/t Gawker