Hang on, are those oatmeal raisin? Awake Kristen is a bitch, too!

Redditor JRockstar50's girlfriend Kristen felt horrible after having a dream where she broke up with him. So she made up for it with real-life cookies. Luckily, neither she nor her boyfriend seem to believe that dreams mean something and that secretly Kristen wants out. This note resonated with me because last night in my dream, I was really nice to my husband, so this morning I was a total bitch in real life. Just to keep things even.

Also, no one even seems to be considering the possibility that the cookies, note, and posting to reddit are also part of Kristen's dream, that you and I and the entire world are all part of Kristen's dream, and that she may never wake up. Just saying.

Sources: redditor JRockstar50