Reports claim that women were prevented from attending gala events at the prestigious festival because they weren't wearing high heels.

Watching a movie without uncomfortable shoes? How uncivilized. (stock photo)

Since 1946, the Cannes International Film Festival has been at the forefront of cinema. Showcasing films and filmmakers from across the globe, the invitation-only event is widely considered the most prestigious film festival in the world. The problem is that it's also a stodgy snooze-fest where a bunch of pretentious old European farts can live out their fantasy of deciding what movies people should be allowed to like. Now, however, it's their taste that's being criticized.

A number of festival-goers are reporting that women have been turned away from screenings at the festival because their shoes weren't high enough. Apparently, the "hosts" (security guards) at Cannes are instructed to strictly enforce the festival's unwritten dress code, which mandates tuxedos and bow ties for men, and dresses with heels for women. How you can strictly enforce an unwritten rule is lost on me. Christine Aime, a spokeswoman for the festival, told NBC News that the staff had made a mistake:

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