Another day, another bullsh*t clothing infraction holding back a girl's education.

The offensive foot. (via Jezebel)

Less than an hour after publishing the definitive guide for young women trying to observe school dress codes, yet another example of the egregious double-standard women are held to in schools everywhere popped up. Over at Jezebel, they interviewed a girl identified only as 'Rachel' who is battling her school's administration over her diploma and transcript. Why? She owes detention time for a dress code infraction she incurred while walking down the aisle at graduation.

Paul VI Catholic High School in Fairfax, Virginia has some strict dress codes. In the past, Rachel admits she was given detention for things like wearing pink socks or a skirt her teachers considered too short. She had noticed boys in her class getting away with equivalent dress code infractions, such as wearing sneakers or forgetting to tuck in their shirts. When graduation time came around the students were informed of what they were expected to wear at the ceremony, including black footwear. Rachel says:

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