Man who might have been high on meth jumps on moving cars and asks to be let in.

If this story isn't drug-related, I'm scared for everyone involved.

A (you guessed it) Florida man stood on his own car and shouted at bystanders that someone was trying to kill him. When no one helped, he took to the streets. He jumped on a moving car and asked to be let in so he could escape from the invisible people who were out to get him.

When he surrendered to police, he told them he was high on crystal meth and that's what made him have a paranoid episode. Hopefully, that's true. If it's not, it means any one of us could snap and start begging to be let inside moving vehicles. Isn't the world out to get us all? Aren't we being chased by metaphorical demons at all times? Meth just makes them visible, more concrete.

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