"Quit flocking around!"

This Russian guy is so good at controlling his platoon of ducks, he would likely be known as the Duck Whisperer if it weren't for all the shouting. Like ducks, I don't speak Russian, so I have no idea what the Duck Czar is screaming. But whatever it is, it's working.

I know about imprinting, and that ducklings often latch on to a human if the mother isn't around.  But these are full-grown ducks. Not only that, there's enough of them that they could easily overpower this guy if they all charged him at once. Although, that's easy for me to say from the safety of my apartment. If I was a duck and he was shouting at me, I'd probably fall in line with the rest of the flock, because I would not want this guy getting all up in my bill.

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