Hero jumps shirtless into a frozen lake to rescue a duck.

Hero jumps shirtless into a frozen lake to rescue a duck.


Life is like a hurricane. (Via)

This grinning Norwegian man and this duck appear to be very content, but that was not always the case. Redditor iBleeedorange found images of a harraowing act of heroism, wherein this bearded icon braves icy waters to rescue this doomed duck.

The details are as murky as the frigid waters that tempted to seal the fate of that fowl, but the images tell all the story we need.

First, our hero spies the duck, face down, as if the lake just happened to freeze right as the poor bird went under to catch a fish.


Here in Duckberg. (Via)

Realizing that the feathered friend was still alive, our hero jumps into the water, breaking the icy sheet that had recently covered the lake.


Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes! (Via)

Our hero grabs the fowl and swims back to the side of the lake, rescuing the bird to safety before getting himself out of the icy water.


It's a duck blur. (Via)

Exhausted and cold, our hero clings to the escarpment and it isn't looking good for the duck. And yet, somehow, with some dry towels and clothing for our human...



Might solve a mystery. Or rewrite history! (Via)

...they both miraculously emerge from this ordeal victorious.


Duck Tales! Woo-oo! (Via)

We may never know who exactly this man is, but redditor westerosi_whore summed his tale up beautifully

An ancient prophesy foretold
The chancing of a Viking bold
Upon an icebound, dying duck
For whom he gave a flying fuck.
And in exchange, the grateful fowl
Bequeathed the dude a fluffy towel.