"Well, I can't have the television, but I still have two things on my checklist."

First of all, he was naked when he showed up, broke the TV he was trying to pull off the wall, and then spilled a wet/dry vacuum everywhere. Then after hearing a gunshot he fell down, started masturbating, and then ran into a kid's bedroom and started rubbing  himself with clothes. Finally the homeowner pointed a shotgun at him and made him lie down. It's unclear when he pooped, but it was right inside the front door. Which raises the question: what the hell is wrong with Florida? If you've got a problem in your state, Florida has the same problem except it's on bath salts. Your state has an invasive Japanese beetle problem? Florida has a plague of 20-ft pythons. Your state had long lines at some voting booths? Let's not even get into it.

Sources: Raw Story