When you win the lottery, suddenly everyone is calling you an idiot.

So you've just won the lottery. If you're anything like these guys, you think "great, I'll just go buy a ton of meth and marijuana and butane torches with my brother and lock ourselves up in our house all weekend." There are two problems with this. One, the government is just going to take half of your weed and meth anyway, and two, refilling butane torches when you're high on weed and meth isn't a wonderful idea. In fact, doing meth is a bad idea by itself, and so is trying to refill a butane torch in an enclosed space. Put those two together and you get a guy who lets several butane canisters leak completely out until the gas reached a pilot light and the house 'sploded. Whatever the odds of winning the lottery, we still wouldn't want these guys' luck.

Sources: Huffington Post