The guy on the right has not been caught. The guy on the left, though, is as dumb as he looks.

Let's recap here: these two guys tried to return a printer to Walmart without a receipt. Already, they're idiots. They also left a sheet of fake $100 bills in the printer. Which, of course, Walmart employees immediately saw, prompting them to notify the police. After a few minutes of failing to return his criminal printer, you'd think the guy in the "Flight" sweatshirt would think to flee, but no he just threw a bigger fit about it. Then the cops arrived and found $300 in counterfeit hundreds on him. Then, upon being informed he was already arrested, he resisted arrest. The guy on the right, however, is still at large because he's obviously the brains of the operation and had the genius idea to leave the store.

Sources: Chippewa Herald