You know those friends who stream everything on Facebook Live, even the things that definitely should not be streamed? This drug dealer is one of those people. (Don't you just love a good dumb crime story?)

A house in Jacksonville, FL was raided by police recently while the guy that lived there was in the middle of a Facebook Live, showing off all the sweet cash he'd gotten from selling drugs.

The video starts with the man thumbing through bills of money and telling the people watching to "catch up" with him. He proudly proclaims that the "sh*t don't stop, man." The man's gloating continues for about a minute until we hear another person's voice off-camera.


That person is a police officer. "Open the front door. Give yourself up," he says. "This is the sheriff's office."

The man runs out of the view of the camera before officers and dogs swarm into the house. After a few minutes, one of the officers finally realizes that the camera is recording. He moves it

You can watch the whole crazy video below.


Don't you just HATE it when your livestream gets interrupted by police officers busting you for the illicit behavior you're bragging to all your Facebook friends about? If we had a nickel for every time that's happened to us... we'd have zero nickels.