The police department of St. Marys, Georgia posted this photo on their Facebook page.

Cops and social media. It's a weird combination, but recently, it's taken off like wildfire. It seems that, in between enforcing laws and escalating tensions, every police force in the country can find time to unleash some viral snark on social media. What's more, the people love it.


First, we reported on a Florida sheriff's office that responded to a woman's tweet asking for pot. Then, there was the NYPD precinct that gave some lip to a commenter about a crocodile loose in Manhattan. But in this story out of Georgia, the cops aren't even responding to someone else's post. They're just using their Facebook account to shame someone they've already arrested. Now THAT's escalation.

That being said, pretending weed is a salad is an extremely lame excuse. What kind of salad comes in a ziploc bag? And is made of weed? A great one, probably. Although eating it would leave you almost as hungry as a regular salad.


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By the way, the SMPD wasn't done after that post went out. Their social media deputies were active in the comments. This exchange is particularly great:

That's a perfect cop answer. (via Facebook)

Do you think it's an appropriate use of police resources to make fun of people on social media? Or do you think it's the only appropriate use of their resources? It does have the advantage of being nonviolent.

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