You know that old movie trope where a guy gets thrown in prison and meets his new cellmate and asks, "So, what are you in for?" Well, try for a second to imagine that the reply you got was: "I wanted to pet my neighbors' cat."

This is indeed the strange tale of Florida man Jasper Fiorenza, who twice entered the St. Petersburg home of Brittney Cline,​ and has been charged with burglary. But it didn't seem he was out to steal anything besides some love from Cline's cat. She said that in the first incident, she woke up to find Fiorenza standing at the foot of her bed: “He was standing perfectly still, I said ‘hello’ and when I said hello he dropped very slowly down to the ground. And as soon as I saw the shadow move down to the ground I knew somebody was there.”

When she turned on her light, she saw him crouched and petting the cat, which had woken her up by jumping off the bed when Fiorenza entered the room. "I’m panicked of course," she said. "I said, ‘What are you doing, get out of my house,’ and he looked at me very calmly and said 'hey' [and] turned around walked back to my doorway." Mission accomplished, apparently.


Police only caught Fiorenza when he tried to break in a second time—no doubt to see if he could play with the cat some more, or even rub its belly. Sadly, most prisons have a strict no-pets policy, but maybe he can get some visiting hours.

Sources: WFTS