He didn't march across campus in a diaper all night to not wear his letters, bro.

This past Tuesday, New York police released video of a brutally violent subway mugging that occurred in early March. Accompanying the release, the police noted the assailant in the video was wearing a black hoodie with the greek letters Alpha Phi Delta on one side, and the word "Stugots" on the back. Gawker ran the video Tuesday night, and it took about a day for commenters to find the frat bro's Facebook page and identify him based not only on the sweatshirt details ("Stugots" is his pledge name; it means "balls" in Italian, as in "It takes some balls to rob somebody while wearing clothing that identifies an organization to which you are a member, and plainly states your nickname within that organization"), but also a bracelet and keyring the mugger wore in the video. Aidan Folan was arrested for the mugging not long after. This is criminal justice via crowdsourcing.

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